Ghalaghiran Mountain

Ghalaghiran Mountain of Ilam

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Ghalaghiran Mountain is one of the tourist’s destinations of Ilam that is located in Western flank of Mount zagros.

Ilam province has always been playing an important role in Persia-land history as it is located along the silk route. Many people are of the opinion that Ilam was the home of Ilamite dynasty as they are known as one of the ancient civilizations of the world. This caused all ancient dynasties build palaces and invest In this location.

The height of this mountain is approximately 2151 m and this was caused that in Parthian empire, a palace or military based was built above, in order to protect the city. However, it is believed that Ghalaghiran is translated into Sound of Crow but it really means a place where there is a palace.

This could have been the reason this mountain has become the symbol of Ilam among Ilam citizens and also, for designing Tehran Azadi Tower, has been based on this mountain.

The same as other maiden palaces, there is only one way to reach the palace and it could have been difficult to reach, however, currently domestic tourists are led toward the peak of this mountain with ease. As travel consultants, we will highly recommend hiking on this mountain in the early afternoon especially in summer time in order to reach up there before sunset as well as having spectacular view of the city underneath.

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