Great Jame Mosque of Yazd

Great Jame mosque of Yazd

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The architecture of great Jame Mosque of Yazd makes a lot of thrill and rolay silence in our minds, that is the source of faith. Mosques were not only place for praying but also they were the complex of arts from different nations.

Mosques host the people 5 times per day that they stand shoulder to shoulder and in this area they talk to their God in direction of mecca. In Islamic urban, mosques are playing an important role in the hearts of cities and around them many buildings have been built such as school, bazaar, library, etc.

One of the top historical  monuments in Yazd is, the Great Jame mosque that is too important in terms of decorations such as tiles work especially at the entrance gate, minarets, dome, etc. The history of this mosque dates back to 14th century where it has been built above the temple that today we can’t see.

2nd decoration is, from 14th century to present time. It’s well noted that the old building has been built by the governor of the city who was Garshasb Kalanjar and new one (what we see today) has been built by Seyed Rokn o Din in 14th century.

There are some stories about his family tree but the strongest one dedicates he has a family route of the 4th Imam. However, he died 8 years after he finished the mosque but he was able to see it when it worked. According to history of the mosque, this one has been constructed in different phases and he was able to finish the first one and summer hall and domed hall were not completed.

Entrance Gate:
It’s interesting to know among all mosques in all over the world, this mosque has the tallest and the well decorated gate that is magnificent. The first area of the mosque is Hashti that is translated into Lobby is a place where they could get permitted to go through by the charity who looks after the mosque.

There are several inscriptions around the wall in this area which depicts who has already done some restoration, or built new phase of the mosque. It can be also considered as a museum of calligraphies.

The height of minarets are about 52m that are the highest ones in all over the world. The local story about them is, one of them has two separate stairways that have been built by order of “Agha jamale din mohamad” who known as “mehtar jamal” as he was the local governor of city in Safavid Era.

Entrance Gate of Jame Mosque
Great Jame Mosque of Yazd
Courtyard view

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