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Hafez tomb of Shiraz- Golden cities, Iran in 10 days

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Khaje Shams-o-din Mmohamad Hafez Shirazi was one of the great poets of Iran who lived in 14th century. He was born from an Esfahani Dad and Kazerouni Mother in Shiraz at the place where he was grown up and was called Bagh-e Mosala.

Although there are several stories about his nick name many people strongly believed he had memorized Quran and was able to read it by heart in 14 different sounds. In fact, whoever can memorize any topic and read it by heart is called Hafez in Farsi Language.

He learned all Islamic courses by his dad and this was the reason he picked up this particular nick name. However, he was in love with Iranian poetry but there were many great poets who had already made such a valuable and fabulous poems in all over the country such as Ferdowsi, Sa’adi, Omar Khayyam, etc.

He struggled a lot to become a very popular poet by combining different methods of poetry in his lyrics that today everyone is reading his book, need to know literature for understanding because there are different deep meaning in his lyrics.

This makes it very exciting because everyone will have his own interpretation by reading it. In another way, this caused his some problems among locals that didn’t know about the meaning of his lyrics and he was not allowed to be buried down in public cemetery.

Later on, he had become well respected among kings, rulers, Khans, students and they all came to his grave and build a memorial building for his tomb. Because many people willed to bury next to him especially his followers and after a short period, this location had become a cemetery and even the name of place was changed into Mosala cemetery.

The earliest record of having a tomb dates back to Zand dynasty that King of Iran decided to build him a monument in order to respect his character. However, that monument didn’t last longer than Zand and was destroyed by Qajari monarchs, but still was a well-respected in Pahlavi Era.

It was in 1930s the Shah invited many architects from all over the planet in order to design a remarkable tomb for Hafez. Finally, in this competition a French architect won and designed a fabulous monument.

Andre godard the architect, struggled to design based on his character and believe of locals as well as presenting his religion. This monument is constructed with 8 pillars that represent the century he lived in.

The domed hall is based on shape of Sufi’s hats that represents his religion. His tomb is made of marble (alabaster) that has been brought from northwest of Iran to Shiraz. It’s been a tradition to bring this stone for designing palaces, tombs, mosques, etc.

This architect also divided the garden into north and south by building a corridor in the middle, which is 20 columned hall, and four of them are brought from Karim khan fortress.

In fact, those pillars were taken from Palace in order to move them to Tehran in Qajar Period but locals stopped the king not to move them from Shiraz and he left them over in such a garden for over than century.

His tombstone that is gifted by Karim khan Zand is well designed by one of his masterpiece lyrics in Nastaliq calligraphy. Apparently you may see people would open up his book and to order to get their own interpretation , what Muslims are told to do is, asking from Quran to tell them what is going on but in terms of respecting to Hafez people ask him to them what is going to happen when it’s needed.

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