Hamdollah-e Mostowfi

Hamdullah-e Mostowfi of Qazvin

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There is no doubt that one of the most impressive historical sites of Qazvin is the Mausoleum of Mostowfi who has been the Persian artist particularly in hand writing in both Persian & Arabic calligraphy.

Qazvin is also known as the city of Persian & Arabic Calligraphy and no doubt that many Iranian artists were raised up from this city in different periods. Nowadays, many people call Qazvin the city of Calligraphy because of having tomb of Hamdolah-e Mostowfi who had been living in 14th century during Ilkhanid.

This monument which is mostly a bricked tower has been built in an square shape and is designed with a conical dome. On façade of the tomb is well decorated with a common Islamic phrase and even inside the tomb is nicely tiled by turquoises. It’s interesting that around the ceiling are well decorated with plaster and stucco which consists some Arabic words.

Inside the mausoleum, just right under the dome, there is an inscript in Nastaliq Calligraphy, that describes briefly the life style of Mostowfi and his family tree. It was a tradition back in ancient days of Persia to decorate the houses and palace with the hand-writing of Iranian artists.

It could have been the Persian poetry or any verses from Quran. The highlights of this tradition are in Chehel Sotoon Palace, Tombs of Seljuk Monarchs, etc. As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this mausoleum in 2nd day of Qazvin in order to get a ponder in this little authentic courtyard and interact with Iranian artists.

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