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Harra Forst

Harra Forest of Qeshm

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Harra forest (translated into Mangrove) is one of the most impressive natural sites of Iran that enables everyone visiting this marvelous and extraordinary nature of Island by taking boats along the northwest of the Island.

For those travelers who are interested in visiting Harra Forest, we would like to inform them that this forest may get visible mostly by ebb & flow of the water and mostly in winter time, the level of water goes up and covers the entire forest and a day after or so, they will appear naturally.

Its situation is looking good and this is the reason it has become the home of several types of birds who immigrate to this land in summer such as Heron, Indian Heron, etc. in another way, this part of the island has become the home of different types of snakes, turtles, fishes and many unique species.

In regard to its name, several stories are mention but nobody knows the beginning of this forest and locals of are of the opinion that Indians planted them in 16th century. Or others believe strongly they are made out of tears of human.

Many scientists are of the opinion that branches of these trees are good enough for refining the water and they are grown in salty water; they are able to make sweet ones.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this spot in early winter or late autumn, as the level of water is not rising sharply and you will be exposed to a wonderful view of the forest.

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