Helt (Held) Canyon

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Helt canyon that is in located in vicinity of Pol-e Dokhtar is one of the most wonderful canyons of Iran that yearly attracts several domestic tourists. It’s a suitable destination for hot days of summer that temperature drops off a lot and many travelers can go through and have a wonderful time.

Our motto is having an adventure trip with us in Iran as there are several possibilities in different seasons. This makes us different comparing to other competitors. When it comes to travel to a wonderful destination, we would highly recommend visiting Loristan province, particularly Pol-e Dokhtar that is the home of adventurous.

This canyon has been made naturally over the million years and water supply is from melted snow on mountains nearby. In regards with its name, we must say this is a quite Lorish word and locals call this canyon Held as there is a tribe of Lorish people live around.

Many people start traveling form their own city to Pol-e Dokhtar and get transferred to this canyon to have a nice/decent trekking in this valley which is about 4 km. This may take few ours each way. You may ask yourself when the best time is for traveling to this spot, as travel consultants we would highly recommend coming to this location in spring and summer, however, it may very much depend on previous winter and how cold/snowy it was.  

It’s well noted that Helt canyon doesn’t need any particular equipment comparing to other canyons that you need to be fit enough. But you may need to know in advance that in this route, you will be crossing river several times.

Helt Canyon of Loristan
Amazing view of Velley

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