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Traveling to Hormozgan province makes everyone feel blessed as there are several activities to do. It’s located in the southern spot of Iran, just right at the edge of the country and along the Persian Gulf, facing Oman and UAE.

Yearly, several domestic & foreign tourists travel to Hormozgan, particularly to major touristy islands of this province such as Qeshm and Kish where they are known as the Free Zone Islands of Iran. It’s well noted that because of upon arrival visa in these islands, many travelers prefer going through these places straight forward rather than lining up for online visa.

Things to do:
our motto is traveling to any particular destination that no other travel agency ventures to. So, this makes us a bit different than other competitors for providing trekking tours in this province despite cultural activities. Here are some of the highlights of activities that are interested for most of travelers globally.

Qeshm Island with all its natural spots that are registered as world heritage sites, Kish Island is a place where many Iranians who are looking for having a fancy property, would definitely invest in this island, Bandar-e Abbas that has been the capital of this province consisting several amazing places, lark island, Hormoz Island with all its reddish dunes, etc.

Hotels have been playing an important role in tourism from decades ago, particularly home-stays in villages that made an authentic experience for everyone. Of course, there several types of classic hotels in every city of this province that are designed for those clients who are looking for having more comfort during their trip.

We are of the opinion that food tourism is new media that may engage everyone to any particular destination. Southern Iran especially bandar-e Abbas and Qeshm island because locating in vicinity of Gulf countries, may have similar cuisines or recipes despite their own foods. Here are some of the most popular ones that we would like to promote as you can join our cooking classes with our twin sister business.

making some practical items has been always an especial part of Hormozgani citizens, however, because of improvement of technology they are turned to be items for purchase for many travelers. For example, sewing on different textile is top ranked activities for locals despite making mats, etc.

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