Indian Temple of Bandar-e Abbas

Indian Temple

Indian Temple of Bandar-e Abbas

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There is no doubt that one of the most impressive historical sites of Bandar-e Abbas is Indian Temple which dates back to 19th century and has been built by Indian community.

This Indian Temple (locally called Bot Gooran) has been built in Qajar period while their community was used to worship in mostly caravansaries. This could have been the reason that two guys were struggling to build their own sacred spot and let other worship in such a proper building. It’s well noted that name of two sponsors and date of construction are carved on an inscription at the entrance of this monument.

 In regards to religion, several stories are mentioned but in fact the architecture indicates the religion of those Indians who founded this religion. As they were all Brahmanical and believed in Brahma, Vishno, Tesiva, you will be exposed to several paintings and statues of them inside and outside the main building.

In regards to the presence of Indians in Iran several stories are mentioned but in fact, nobody is able a certain date of purpose of being in Iran, however, we know strongly in 16th century the kings of Safavid dynasty were expanding their territories toward central Asian countries and got defeated several times. This could have been the reason Portuguese who founded their own territories in India invaded southern Iran and founded their own palaces. Many Iranians are of the opinion that since then several waves of immigrations happened and many Indians got settled down in Iran for different occupations and businesses.

This marvelous temple is constructed in very strange ways rather than other temples in southern Iran, as sacred room is designed In the middle which is surrounded by a corridor for visitors that enables them to walk around. We can also point to the tiny rooms that are located inside the corridor which are considered for those who were willing to learn their own religion.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this temple in the morning in one of the walking tours of bandar-e abbas in order to get acquainted with this culture and religion.

Courtyard view
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