Iran Visa

Due to spread of Covid-19 globally over the past weeks, as a service to our clients, we have provided Iran Free Visa Travel in cooperation with Iranian ministry of foreign affairs, for those travelers who are willing to visit Iran from June 2020 till late April 2021. 

All they need to present are; having a valid passport, visa authorization code, travel insurance, detailed itinerary as well as invitation letter that is issued by our agency in order to prove their trip has been made throughout a local agency. 

Iran visa:
As a service to our clients, we can help you to obtain an Iranian visa by applying for an Iranian Visa Authorization Code. Almost everyone needs a visa if they are traveling to Iran and we can help you to obtain a Visa Authorization Code easily through multiple different ways.

1- Applying through a Travel & Tour Company
The easiest and most common way to apply for an Iran Visa Authorization code is by contracting with our  tour and travel company, Persia Travel Center. We will ask you to fill out an Iran Visa Form. Along with the form, you will need to provide a scan of the front page of your passport, a personal passport sized photo, itinerary for the trip as well as proof of a round trip confirmed flight. We will apply on behalf of passengers on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will receive the code in approximately 10 working days. We will then inform the tourist of the code as soon as it is received. Travelers will then be able to apply to the appropriate Iranian Embassy or Consulate within three working days to collect their visa.  Please remember that approval may take a few days and plan accordingly.

2- Applying visa on your own:
Because Iranian visas are E-visas, it is very easy for anyone to fill the forms out online, pay the online visa fee and receive the visa authorization code. Please find the website of Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the internet and follow the instructions to complete the forms.

3- Upon Arrival Visa:
In July 2016 Iranian government announced citizens of 160 countries are able to travel to Iran and collect their visas in any of Iranian international airports. It may take a little while to follow the structures as there are not enough staff in visa departments but it would be much easier than referring to any of Iranian abroad consulates. 

1- Please note that due to political issues, Citizens of the US, England and Canada must participate in a guided tour from beginning to end. This means that they must contact our agency, Persia Travel Center to apply for the visa authorization code and choose a guided tour. Citizens of the US, UK and Canada are not allowed to travel on their own. The process will take thirty working days and approval would then take an additional ten days.

2-Travelers should plan to apply for a visa authorization code three months before their intended arrival.

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