Jame Mosque of Sanandaj

Jame Mosque of Sanandaj

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Jame Mosque of Sanandaj (locally called Dar ul Ehsan) is one of the most well known mosques of Iran from architectural point of view that has been built in 19th century.

There is no way to skip visiting this marvelous mosque of Sanandaj that is originally from 17th century, however, this new mosque has been built by the rule of the city who was named Aman ul Llah Khan.

It’s been mentioned in history of this region ottoman kings invaded Iran especially this region and ruler of the town escaped toward Esfahan. Later on, this Ottoman ruler who was Khaneh Pasha built a mosque an theological school with two great minarets. Although nothing is left from that day and everything was destroyed by Safavid kings, still many people provide this information how it’s been designed.

Many locals are of the opinion that citizens of Sanandaj were interested that mosque very much and they were communicating with new Qajar rulers in order to build a new one at the same spot. At last, during Fat’h Ali shah kingdom, new project was started and well decorated. Unfortunately, tiles of this mosque were robbed and sold in black markets in Sanandaj and elsewhere.

Despite its location that it’s visible from anywhere in city,  its tiles work is incredibly great and huge area is covered as they hired artists of Esfahan.

Jame Mosque of Sanandaj
Front View

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