Kahman Valley

Kahman valley of Loristan

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Are you interested in joining a trekking tour while you are in Loristan? Let’s get acquainted with Kahman valley where it is located in vicinity of Aleshtar city.

Kahman valley is one of the most popular trekking routes as this is located in Zagros mountain where it is particularly called Gerin and because of having several caves, springs and rivers it turned to be the home of adventure travelers. What makes this region very special is about its history that has been the place where Persian kings used a lot for relaxation, hunting, etc.

In regards with its name, locals are of the opinion that name comes from ancient languages and consists two different words of Kei & Aman which means place where kings felt safe. This region was an open-air archaeological site where several ancient objects were found.

Fromm geographical point of view, this valley is on a huge fault that caused having several springs and mirages. This also caused on its plantation and several types of orchards are existed such as Apricot, Hawthorn, oaks, nuts, etc.  Another point we can make is about having red hills along the river which comes from Radio-Larity in this region.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend putting this valley in your bucket list and can go trekking for longer period. All you need to do is getting transferred from Aleshtar for about 50 km and reaching this spot in about few hours walk.

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