KalmaKare cave

Kalmakareh cave of Loristan

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Looking for hiking at a natural-historical cave while you are in Iran? Let’s get acquainted with Kalmakaeh cave which is located in Loristan province. It’s amazing destiny for itself and hidden objects inside, impressed everyone across the globe as it has been one of the top 5 largest treasure of the world at some point.

Kalmakareh is located approximately in Pol-e Dokhtar county and it has been hidden from human from ancient days of Persia till few decades ago that it was accidently discovered. In regards with its name several stories have been mentioned but the most reliable one is the translation of this name from Lorish to English, which means place where there is a fig tree.

Despite hiding or treasuring jewels of Iran from Elamite dynasty and other earlier civilizations, politically, it was a decent spot too. The twin-entrance of the cave surprises everyone as it is about 650 m height it is almost impossible to reach with ease. This could have been the reason for several kings in Elamite dynasty, Achaemenid, Medians (or maybe in other dynasties too) to hide their treasures inside this priceless cave. However, looks like closing the entrance of the cave and protecting this remarkable treasure, has been done after these three dynasties at least as it’s been untouched until few decades ago, but people were always dreaming to find this treasure, particularly locals of villages nearby.

According to history of Iran in last decades, several local hunters were going through as they were following their feeds toward this cave, suddenly they exposed to this treasure that they had knowledge about it all. It’s been hidden by them for a little while until Iran’s cultural heritage center noticed and made this spot as the national treasure.  Since then, most of the popular museums of world started displaying these priceless objects.

As travel consultants, we highly recommend visiting this cave to very fit travelers because they expose to a huge valley with a depth of 100 m and have to climb down by a rope for 10 m.

Kalmakareh cave of Loristan
The rocky part of the mountain
Kalmakareh cave of Loristan
Twin Entrance

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