Kandovan village of Iran, Iran 4 seasons tour

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There is no doubt that one of the breathtaking places of Iran is Kandovan village that is located in southwest of Tabriz which dates back to 14th century when Mongolians invaded Persia. They are all originally Lak people and Turks from nearest towns and for protections they moved into such area and started carving inside of the rocks that look like beehives.

This are not many places like this volcanic rocks in the world and apparently this makes traveling to this are very interesting. They all look very hard rocks but in reality did not stop slow down people from carving them. For few centuries locals of this village could protect themselves and stayed away from all warriors and invasion. They were even excellent for providing themselves all their needs and requirements till 17th century that this village was discovered by monarchs and kings. Since then it became of the most interesting parts of the country.

People of this village are mostly farmers and shepherds who raise their animals in ground floor of their houses. The structure of this houses is interesting that none of them is connected to one another and even either of these has a private bathroom inside. The main job in this village is selling pure honey that locals produce by themselves on the mountain.

We would recommend this village to visit as a day trip and walk randomly among its alleys and paths, even staying in such a house or huts would be a unique experience especially for those who are very adventures.

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