Karim Khan

Karim khan fortress-outside view

Karim khan was the founder of Zand dynasty that ruled Iran from 1750 to 1779. As one of the advocates of the development of Iran. He was originally from Malayer, a city in the north west of Iran but he chose Shiraz as his capital and named it Zand period that Shiraz witnessed the peak of its prosperity.

What made him a genius ruler is, he focused on infrastructures in Iran and in this period many buildings including Mosques, water reservoirs, Citadels, bazaars and caravansaries were built. Many of them are still standing and usable in Shiraz such as Arg-e karim khani or the Main Citadel.

He also had a decent castle in Yazd that is called Dowlat Abad that is the common copy of ancient palaces. Because of its round shapes and layered palaces and gardens makes it impossible to reach.

The citadel, the one in Shiraz has been used as the seat of government as well as his private palace. Because of having several palaces in every corner.

From Residential point of view, Citadel (locally called Arg), is an Iranian large residential palace that is crenellated with tall walls and round shaped towers. Citadels were normally the residences of kings, local governors, military commanders or other dignitaries who needed to live in a secure and guarded place.

Arg-e karim khani was the fascinating residence and the political headquarters of karim khan and continued preserving its importance throughout the Zand area and later.

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Karim khan

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