Kashan Bazar

Kashan bazaar

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Kashan Bazaar is one of the most impressive historical sites of kashan as its traditional decoration is eye-catching that is located in city center.

It originally is over than 800 years old as it’s been located on silk route and most of traders have been selling their own products in this area. This is the reason bazaar consists several buildings such as shops, mosques, caravansary, stores, etc. it’s been renovated over  the centuries and renovated in 19th century and most of the decoration and shops today are from 19th century.

Apparently you ask yourself  what is this market? Where to see in this market? Or what to do? It’s well noted that kashan bazaar is the place where you will be exposed to several old shops and businesses that may not exist anymore out of this market such as dyeing.

The structure of this bazaar is quite simple and make everyone very fascinated by walking randomly in its lines and alleys. Main line is accessible from 4 different streets but those travelers who stay in traditional houses can go through from Kamal ul Molk SQ.

One of the most well known spots in this bazaar is, Amin-o-dolleh Timcheh that has been a place where artists were able to sell their own carpets. It turned to be a cafe aside from its main purpose.

Out suggestion is walking randomly in this market and stay for a while in this spot in order to get acquainted with local people and chill out by having a Persian tea.

Kashan bazaar
Amin-o-dolleh timcheh

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