Katale Khor Cave

Katale khor cave of Zanjan

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Katale khor cave is one of the most impressive natural sites of Iran that is located in Zanjan province in vicinity of Sultanieh Dome. This lime cave is known as one of the largest water caves of the world and is highly recommended to adventurous travelers who are looking for having a great trip to Iran.

This cave is accessible from the road of Tehran-Zanjan, Hamedan-Zanjan or even from Bijar- Zanjan and all travelers can put this in their bucket list with ease while they travel to Zanjan.

Katale khor is excavated back in early 20th century by some locals and finally registered as a natural site of Iran in 30 years. Although this is known as the largest water cave of the world with several routes and floors, there are only 1200 m of this cave is accessible for travelers to go forward.

Many people are of the opinion that it’s been connected to Alisadr cave art some point. In regard with the name of this cave several stories have been mentioned that they are all interesting.

One of the most recent one that many confirm the name of the it is; Katale Khor consists 2 names of Katale (that means small hills) and Khor which is the short term of Khorshid (that means sun). generally, it is translated from local language into English language place where sun comes from in the morning. However, locals are interestedin calling this spot Katal Kootool too but it’s been registered as Katale khor.

History of Katale khor:
since this cave was registered as a natural site, many geological studies got under way by Iranian and foreign teams of experts. It is well noted that Katale khor has been formed over the 30 million years by natural water that had gone through lime stones. It’s about 1700 m from sea level and this elevation causes making several floors.

Another point we can make is, the visiting route of the cave consists three different halls corridors that are all named by excavators such as Lion Sq, Bistoun Sq, Bride hall, Stalagmite corridor, marriage room, etc.

Katale khor cave of Zanjan
Corridor view

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