Prince garden of Mahan-second trip to iran, tour to kerman

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One of the most beautiful and largest cities of Iran is Kerman that has been a popular hub on Silk Road for merchants and traders back to ancient days of Persia. History of this city gets started from Sassanid that Ardehsir I as the founder of this dynasty made this city as one of the most important cities in Iran in terms of cultural events and local productions such as weaving Silk Carpets.

In Islamic periods this city unfortunately got isolated for centuries because of well keeping the ancient religion. The Golden age of this city dates back to Seljuk that Kerman remain virtually independent in terms of trading with other countries in gulf as a member of Fars people however this city was sacked by different invaders but stood still.

There are not too much evidence about this city during Ilkhanid or Timorid but this city played an important role in Safavid Empire and it had become a hub Silk Road. People were of the opinion that they had to reach to golden days of Persia as their duty.

Since then, Kerman was always a nice city for traveling and trading even in Qajari Period people were mostly trading with other neighbors. Apart from these what make this city very especial was its type of architecture which is quite unique in terms of using different elements of Iranian architecture.

Apart from these Kerman was always the center of growing Pistachios in central Iran that its product is with premium quality which plays an important role in local economy. Today people would like to visit Kerman and surrounding which has a lot to present in terms of historical buildings, Sufism, extraordinary landscapes and mountains are very fascinating for mountain climbers. Trip to Kerman would be very especial by having a day trip to Kaluts that has been known as the hottest spot on earth.

Having an expedition in such a place for couple of hours which will give you sense where you are. People are of the opinion that they can have some day trip to other cities in different directions such as Bam, Rayen and Jiroft that are ancient cities of this province. This is very suite for those who are interested in visiting historical sites and these trip enable them to learn more about the culture and history.

What we recommend to everyone is staying for few days at least in this city and explore historical sites and old market of this city in which is one of the most beautiful covered bazaar in all over Iran in addition to have some day trips to Bam or elsewhere in this province.

Apparently taking time to visit modern district of Kerman will give you an image how young people would act and live by going to restaurants, cafes, or even dress code of people would be very interesting.

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