Kharaqan Towers

Kharaqan Towers of Qazvin

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There is no doubt that one of the most impressive historical sites of Qazvin is, Kharaqan Towers (locally called Qaraqan towers) that their designs looks like Seljuk architecture.

These two beautiful towers are almost nearby each other and are about 1 kilometer away from Hesar village, Qazvin. They date back to 10th century CE and seems here has been the home of some nations in the past that is totally gone and only these towers are left.

Many people are of the opinion that towers are from Seljuk era because of having different types of bricks in this structure. It’s interesting to know the shape of both are similar, however, they both are about 29 m away from each other and this causes several stories.

What makes visiting these towers especial is, being exposed to over than 25 types of brick working for external decoration that all made different geometrical & non-geometrical shapes for decoration.

Some of the historians and archaeologists are of the opinion that this method of brick-working has been the base of building Maragh-e Towers. Another point we can make is about domes of these two towers that are the earliest samples of having onion shape in ancient Iran.

At some point they were struggling to build a two-layer domed hall in order to preserve the monument during earth quake. Despite having this remarkable brick-working, there are some pain paintings inside the towers as they are recognized peacocks, stars, etc.

In regards with name of the architect or when it’s been built, several stories have been mentioned. But among those, we may refer to what it’s written above the gate of both; It’s been built by Muhammad bin Makki Al-Zanjan Al-Qubbah on 460 AH. The western tower has been built about 26 years after this one by his son law Mr. Abol-Maali.

Studies about these towers never stopped and yearly several people invested their time and knowledge for exploring more information about them. It’s well noted until 1960s, locals were of the opinion that these towers belong to relatives of the 7th Imams but more discoveries proved they have been used as the tomb of Seljuk monarchs, Abu Saeed and Abu Mansour.

Kharaqan Towers of Qazvin
Extraordinary view of Towers

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