Kish Island

Greek Ship of Kish Island

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People always are asking whether when the best time to travel to Iran is or even we can return to this country for second journey? The answer is yes, why not traveling to Kish?

Iran is one of those countries that has a lot to present in terms of culture & tradition, historical sites, landscape as well as amazing foods in every single corner. We would highly recommend to travel to one of the islands of Persian Gulf where it is known as Bride of Persian Gulf. Apparently when it comes to measure of this island it’s too small but it can make a different trip for everyone.

Things to do;
Many people love traveling yearly to this Island to visit this area because of offering water activities such motor jets, snorkeling, scuba diving as well surfing. This can be done everyday from early October till mid March but please consider your travel time and check this with Iran calendar due to avoid crowds and having more comfortable journey.

There are some historical sites such a ancient harbor of Kish which dates back to Sassanid dynasty when it had been playing an important role in trading with East Asia through shipping. The highlight of historical sites is the ancient cistern which dates back to Persian Empire back in 517 bc. This has been used as a place to store water for daily usage.

There is another historical place to visit that is known as Greek Ship, which is originally Portuguese but has been stuck in the island for several years in 20th century. People would also like to visit this site in the afternoon.

There are several malls in this island and those people would like to have brand new items would shops from either of those.

There is a wide range of hotels in this city from 5* hotels to a very budget one, such as Darius hotel where it is highly recommended to those who are looking for a romantic stay in a luxury hotel. Tatilat hotel is another suggest, or even Shayan hotel, etc.

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