Kool Khersoun Canyon of Dezful
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Kool Khersoun

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There is no doubt that Khuzestan has several potentials for traveling in every season, especially when it comes to trekking tours Kool Khersoun, is one of the top ranked choices for everyone.

Kool Khersan (locally called Kool Khersoun) is one of the most famous area in Khuzestan province that is located in north of Dezful. It’s well noted that northern Khuzestan is the combination of mountain area and greenery that makes everyone feel blessed. In this region ethnic changes to Bakhtiari as there are several sub-cultures around this region.

Kool Khersoun comes from a local language of this region which is translated into beautiful canyon; however, some are of the opinion that Kool Khersoun may comes from local phonetic sounds that may not have any meaning. For reaching this area, you may need to get transferred to the beginning of the canyon in order to start your trek.

Having different plantation and greenery is another reason to visit this region. For example, at the beginning of this region, you will be exposed to the palm trees forest but later on, you will be walking through different types of trees, such as grapes, wild pistachios, figs, etc.

Kool Khersoun Canyon

By reaching mountain, you will slightly, feel weather changes and temperature drops off a lot. Even you will see drips of water or even lines of water fall from walls of this canyon. This is a real adventure and you may need to cross the river inside the canyon as it gets very tight.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend taking this trip in your free time in Khuzestan in order to get acquainted with local culture and extraordinary nature of surrounding.

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