Kornasiyan Bath-House

Kornasiyan bath-house of Dezful

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One of the top activities to do in Iran is visiting historical sites that are well renovated and converted into particular museums. Kornasiyan Bathhouse is one of the well renovated spots in Dezful that yearly hosts several domestic tourists.

Dezful is one ancient cities of Iran that one of the particular art-works is its reddish brick-work almost in every single corner that are eye-catching. Kornasiyan is one of the old historical buildings of Dezful that is very well known for this art work despite its large rooms for visitors and clients back in Qajar era. Opposite than the rest of country internal decoration of this bath-house was quite simple but they were very serious in order to make this brick-work finely done.

In regards with its original name, we must say, it’s been called Haj-Nasir but it’s been taken by nomads who came to live the city from Mount Kornas. This could have been the reason for changing the name into Kornasiyan bath house.

It’s always interesting to know the name of architect or team of artists who built such a remarkable monument. In this bath-house, Mr. Mo’ezi as he was one of the local artists was hired to build such a monument. What he was willing to do was, having two separate rooms for men and women to take bath rather than splitting days.

Another point we can make is about, water supply for this bath that comes from a well that is in vicinity of Hamam and of course, this was part of the under neath channel which was designed for this construction.

Converting to a Museum:
It was back in 2006 that local governor was willing to bring more tourists to this city and decided to well renovate this hammam based on several original maps and converted this into anthropology museum of Bakhtiari nomad and arabs that are inhabitants of this region.

Kornasiyan Bathhouse ofDezful

 How to reach here:
we would highly recommend visiting this city by taking train from Tehran to Dezful, however, there is an old railway station in this region but still is one of the most popular ones as well as going through extra ordinary nature. This is the reason we would like to change the traveling route and will be starting from Dezful toward the rest of places and ending in Ahwaz.

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