Lashkar Abad Street

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Are you looking for having a night activity while you are in Ahvaz? We highly recommend going to Lashkar Abad street and get a ponder in main street with locals.  

Traveling to Ahvaz has been always exciting for everyone as there are a lot of activities to do in the city of Ahvaz and surrounding. As this is in southwestern Iran and due to heat and humid, most time of the year is almost impossible to travel with convenience. This makes this destination a seasonal for travelers and helps everyone going to this city from autumn to late March.

Despite visiting historical sites and joining active tours, we highly recommend to do more night activities such as Going to Lashkar Abad street (locally called Iranian LA). This is where you will be exposed to lots of street foods, drinks, local music and even cruising.

It’s quite amazing and lots of locals, domestic & foreign tourists are interested in this city spot very much, they can travel street foods such as Falafel, local pasties Arabian Baqlava, Arabian Coffee, etc in every single corner. Even young generation will come cruising by their super fashion cars.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend going this spot at first night of being in Ahvaz in order to get acquainted with local culture and feeling wonderful to be with this unique heritage.

LA foods of Ahvaz
Local Street Foods
LA Street of Ahvaz
Having Fresh Falafel

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