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Iran is a beautiful country which is hiding lots of secret treasures for the world to see. I wonder why people have just limited their travelling to some certain countries only, however you can be amazed to see different parts in Iran which are incredibly mesmerizing such as Loristan.

One of the places we will talk about today is Lorestan province of, Iran. Maybe for most of the people they’ll be hearing it for the first time. It’s a breath-taking view surrounded by all-natural beauty and art. It’s a package for the people who are genuinely nature maniacs. The place got its own essence and you must visit this place at least once in a lifetime.

According to the history of Iran, Loristan was one of the places where early civilizations were living. The ancient history of Lorestan is closely intertwined with the rest of the â€œancient near east”. In the 3rd and 4th millennium BC, migrant tribes settled down in the mountainous area of the Zagros Mountains. The kassites, an ancient people who spoke neither an Indo-European nor a Semitic language, originated in Lorestān. They would control Babylonia after the fall of the old Babylonian Empire,

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As this is the home of adventurous people, it has a great potential in order to run active tours all around the year. Yearly several domestic and foreign tourists come to visit major cities of this province such as Khorram-Abad, Boroujerd, Doroud, Aligudarz,. Kuhdasht, Azna, Aleshtar, nur-abad and pol-e Dokhtar. Some of the most famous routes are trekking toward Gahar Lake, Kalmakare Cave, despite historical sites of Khoram-Abad & Boroujerd.

Apparently, you may ask yourself, how this province looks like? Or what we are going to see there? In fact, the terrain consists chiefly of mountains, with numerous ranges, part of the Zagros chain, running northwest to southeast. The central range has many summits that almost reach the line of perpetual snow, rising to 4000 m and more.

Another point we can make is, this province feeds the headwaters of Iran’s most important and famous rivers, such as Zayandehrud, Jarahi, Karoun, Dez, Abi, Karkheh, Between the higher ranges lie many fertile plains and low hilly, well-watered districts.

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