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Mahabad Friday Mosque – Persia Traveling Center

Mahabad Friday Mosque

Jame mosque of Mahabad

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There is no doubt that one of the most impressive sites of Mahabad is Friday mosque that is called Sorkh Mosque because of having redish tiles. It dates back to 17th century and has been built by order of Shah Soleyman in the center of the city in order to give a possibility to people for praying at noon by bazaar.

It’s located in the old district of the city and based on renovating program for old city, some part of this mosque has been renovated over the last few years. Although it is surrounded by old & new buildings still is one of the nicest ancient sites. In terms of architecture this mosque has two Iwans in southern and northern flanks. There is a huge difference between this mosque and others in central of Iran when it comes to structure which is mostly because of weather condition that it is impossible to have a summer hall and it just has one praying room which can be used for seasons aside from its own Madraseh.

What makes this praying room very especial is its plain decoration that is mostly red bricks and mortar (that has been replaced with cement) and there is not any particular design which reminds everyone similar structure at Tabriz Jame Mosque, however, many people are of the opinion that this mosque reminds Vakil mosque of Shiraz in terms of pillars decoration and shapes and distance.

People are always discussing about having any calligraphy or inscripts in this mosque in order to prove the ancient period and the answer is yes. There were several inscripts in Arabic calligraphy in this mosque but some are missing after renovation and today there is only one left one façade of northern gate which represents the name of founder and date of establishing.

As a travel consultant we would recommend to take a look at this mosque in your own time as one of the Must-See activities in Mahabad, however, people would prefer to see other sites such as old dam, old bathhouse that has turned to be a museum of anthropology.


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