Qara Kelisa of Maku

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Maku is the name of an small town in north west of Iran that belongs to West Azerbaijan province of Iran. It’s very popular for tourism especially being located in vicinity of Black Church may bring several visitors from all over the world.

Yearly several tourist from all over the world will go visiting Maku and surrounding especially Black church (locally called Qara Kelisa) that is known as one the earliest cathedrals around the world.

Maku is also known as one of the free-zone industrial spots that enables all traders and locals having their own job at this spot and make more money. This is the reason because of its geographical location many Turkish and Azeri traders come to this pot.

According to the history of this region, many historians and archaeologists are of the opinion that Maku belongs to old Armenia back to 800 BCE. Maku castle is one of the remained historical monuments from those days that was ruled by Amatuni family.

Back & forth, Maku has always been in the center of attention among different kingdoms and dynasties. Especially in Islamic periods, several kings and rulers were interested in ruling this town.

Nowadays there are several activities to do such as visiting Bagcheh Joop Palace, Farhad’s home, Ruins of the old fort or even Panj Cheshmeh, Hiking, Rick climbing, etc. It’s well noted that from early 2017 regular passport holders can travel to Iran via Maku with tourist visa and can stay for 2 weeks.

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