Zarivar lake of Marivan

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Marivan is one of the cities of Kurdistan of Iran that’s located in vicinity of Iraqi border. Traveling to Kurdistan Province has several advantages such as meeting friendliest people of Iran who will be hosting everyone from all over the world with open arms.

 Another advantage of traveling into this city is being exposed to extraordinary landscape of Zagros mountain in Western flank where it is the paradise of adventurous, especially those who are looking for having a comfortable trekking trip, will start their journey from this location toward Paveh in Kermanshah province.

 Things to do;
There is no doubt that the most important natural site of this region is Zarivar Lake with about 5.3 km length and 1.6 km width. It’s a Kurdish name which is translated into Sea & lake which represents the measure of this lake in their Kurdish culture.

Another famous activity to do is a trekking toward Uraman village which is located in the heart of Zagros mountain, however, it has to be done in two parts and people have to be transferred at some point but still is highly recommended to take this trekking.

Locals are mostly Farmers who have their own farms and orchards in this Huwraman County, however, some are fishing business as well and sell their own products in restaurants that are aside the lake. New generation ae well educated and moved to the towns in other provinces by

Although people are very hospitable and would invite any stranger to their houses there are some decent hotels in this Town that can make a beautiful and memorable trip.

As Travel consultant we would highly recommend this location to everyone especially those who are looking for having a relaxing Trip and need to stay away from crowds or even those who are looking for an active tour.

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