Fakhrika Tomb of Mahabad

Median Tomb

Fakhrika Tomb of Mahabad

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Iran, is one of those countries that has a rich culture and history especially ancient civilizations founded their own dynasties in west of Iran such as Medes that their dynasty lasted for about 200 years.

Fakhrika is one of the most impressive historical sites of western Iran and is a Median Tomb that most of archaeologists are of the opinion this tomb belongs to the Farvatish who was the father of Diaco who founded Median Empire. The reason archaeologists made such a decision is the relevant form of architecture between this tomb and others in Sar-e Pol Zahab that all has Greek structure with plain pillars.

When it comes to type of architecture there are huge differences between this tomb and others in vicinity of Lake Urmia. Most of archaeologists can’t believe this tomb would be older than 700 BC. It is very interesting that other historians described about the name of tomb which comes from name of a median army and there are three graves inside the tomb which belong to Farvartish and his followers.


Internal decoration is very fascinating and there are two floors, 4 pillars at the entrance with few graves inside the tomb. One of the famous Russian Archaeologists who has been excavating in Iran for several years is of the opinion that among these 4 pillars, 2 are just at the entrance and 2 smaller ones are used inside of the tomb and either of these front pillars are about 176 cm height.

As a travel consultant we would highly suggest to visit this one on the way of Mahabad to Urmia in short excursion, however, reaching up to the tomb is impossible but still worth visiting from the bottom which can be very close to this marvelous site.

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