Narin Castle of Meybod


Narin Castle of Meybod

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Meybod is one of the ancient cities of Iran that is located in vicinity of Yazd. Being located along the classical traveling route made a huge impression for several foreign tourists to go through the city and visit some of its worth-wide attractions.

One of the most impressive tourist attractions of this city is, its 4000 years old castle an is known as Narin Castle. However, locals of the city strongly believe this castle has been built by Solomon but the archaeological studies of this site indicate this castle dates back to Achaemenid.

It had been used as military base in ancient days of Persia but been destroyed after Alexander the great invaded Persia. Back & forth it has gained back its values during Islamic periods especially in Mozaffari dynasty. They renovated the castle and used this again as military base in order to well preserve the city from bandits who came from desert.

There are more historical sites to visit in Meybod that brings the attention of everyone and here some of the highlights are listed below;

Ice House with its largest tank of water that is one of the outstanding monument of Meybod which is part of ancient water channel system of Persia. Caravansary that dates back to 19th century and has been part of traveling along the silk route, old district which represent the ancient city of Meybod with several mud-brick houses, ancient post office that dates back to Achaemenid, etc.

what makes visiting this city very especial is, its handicrafts such as its own rugs that are world-widely known and relatively recently it’s registered as a world heritage art.

As travel consultants, we will highly recommend visiting this city in a day trip from Yazd in order to have sufficient time to explore these remarkable sites.

Chapar khane of Meybod
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