Mt Sabalan lake,

Mt. Sabalan

Mt Sabalan lake,

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Mt. Sabalan (locally called Savalan) is located in northwestern Iran with the height of 4811m. Despite it is an inactive stratovolcano, It is also known as the 3rd highest peak of Iran after Damavand and Alamkouh.

It’s well noted that it has been in middle of Fomrolio process suddenly it has been spot permanently. On top of it, there is a huge lake on its crater as many people are willing to visit this in sunny day. Yearly several tourists from all over the world will come to visit this Mountain because of its extraordinary landscape, natural water resources as well as its Ski resort.

It’s also known as a holy place for locals and Nomads in this province as locals are of the opinion that here is the place where Zoroaster, had become the prophet in Iran. Mt. Sabalan is the home of adventurous as it has already three high peaks.

The main one is called Sultan and other two are Heram and Kasra. Many geographers strongly believe that the length of this mountain is about 60 km, and width of this is, 45 km and from the southern flank, it will be connected to Sahand Mountain range.

How to reach:
There are three different routes for mountain climbers to reach up the peak.
1- North-eastern route:
It will be started from Shabil resource in the south of Lahroud village. It’s one of the easiest routes even for beginners.

2- Western route:
it will be started from the lake Pay-e Gol

3- Southern route:
it’s the most difficult route of hiking toward the peak as there is not any huts along the route.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend taking guided tour of Mt. Sabalan and the most suitable time for climbing is from early May till late Aug.

Sabalan peak from huts
Sabalan Peak from first camping site
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