Nain, Naein Jame mosque front view

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Nain (locally called Naeen) is one of the ancient cities of Iran along silk route. It is in vicinity of central desert and like much of the Iranian plateau, it has a desert climate, with a maximum temperature of 41 °C in summer, and a minimum of -9 °C in winter.

People always like visiting small towns while they are driving from anywhere to one another and Nain is along the classical travel route of Iran. Many visitors have heard already about its carpet quality that is one of the most well-known worldwide.

There are many reasons to visit Nain such as being geographically center of Iran makes this city very especial or even having 80 underground water channels that have been built since 3,000 years ago in all over Iran.

what makes traveling to Nain very unique is, some of the most outstanding monuments in all of Iran: the Jame Mosque that is one of the first four mosques built in Iran after the Islam came through, the Pre-Islamic Narej Fortress; a Pirnia Traditional House; the Old Bazaar; Rigareh, a qanat-based watermill; and a Zurkhaneh (a place for traditional sport).

Besides its magnificent monuments, Nain is also famous for high-quality carpets and wool textile and homemade pastry (copachoo) .

Some linguists believe the word Na’in may have been derived from the name of one of the descendants of the prophet Noah, who was called “Naen”. Many local people speak an ancient Pahlavi Sassanian dialect, the same dialect that is spoken by the Zoroastrians in Yazd today.

Other linguists state that the word Na’in is derived from the word “Nei” (“straw” in English) which is a marshy plant.

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