Naqsh-e Rustam

Naqsh-e Rustam of Shiraz, Shiraz in 36 hours

Naqsh-e Rustam is one of the most impressive ancient sites of Iran that is located in vicinity of Shiraz and it dates back to early 517 BCE as the cemetery of Persian monarchs.

There is no doubt that Necropolis (locally called Naqsh-e Rustam) is one of the ancient sites of Iran that belongs to Persian Empire. It’s been founded by Darius I as the burial place but, the rest of monarchs in this period followed his structure and carved their tombs inside the mountain.

It is well noted, that they hired several artists from all over the empire for designing these tombs aside from not being connected to each other from inside the mountain. In fact, there are several stories about history of this location and why Darius the great, has picked up this location as the burial place. but the most trusted one is, having ancient relief of Elamite civilization.

There are 4 tombs of monarchs in this location that from right to left belong to; Xerxes, Darius the great, Arta Xerxes, Darius II.

It has been forgotten for centuries after Persian Empire until Sassanid dynasty that it has become more sacred. They carved their own reliefs at the foot of tombs as well as building Zoroastrian Ka’abe.

As a result, we suggest you visiting this spot in a day trip in order to get acquainted with architecture and history of Persia by taking our guided tours.

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