Naranjestan garden of Shiraz- Iran in 10 days

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Naranjestan, also known as Qavam house is one of the most beautiful Qajari gardens of Shiraz which dates back to 19th century and has been built by Mr. Qavam 1st as his residential & public spot. Name of this garden comes from having several orange trees which represents local weather.

Nobody can imagine to expose to a beautiful garden from outside that brings the attention of everyone in every single corner. Upon arrival to this building, the first hall is Called Heshti which is translated into lobby, place where guests and strangers must get the approval of owner to go through. Later on everyone will get into court yard which contains several orange trees, Palm trees, Pine trees, etc.

The same as other Qajari mansions, this garden has seasonal rooms in north and southern face. Main hall of this building is in northern side and its symmetric. In the middle of the building there is a two columned portico which has the magnificent glass work on ceiling as well as world class paintings.

It is well noted that, inside monuments there were several public & private rooms that are specified based on their sizes.  There are original paintings of building are still exited in both left and right rooms, however some of them are repainted by local artists.

This mansion has been used a public & Private place for years until Qavam the 5th became of governor of Shiraz and decided to make more privacy in this mansion. He designed this house mostly for audience and his family moved to his sister’s house which is next alley. Both mansions are connected by a underneath tunnel.

It was sold to shiraz university about 1960s and later on it was given to one of the American professors who was excavating Iran and needed to have a proper place for study on found objects aside from living. During this period the structure of this monument was changed, especially in basement it turned to be a museum, however, original shape was such as a storage of food and drink.

As travel consultants we would highly recommend to visit this garden in morning as a MUST_SEE while you stay in Shiraz. 

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