Nezami Ganjavi

Nezami Tomb Ganje

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Jamaloddin abu Mohamad Elyas bin Yusuf ibn zaki ibn Muayid, also known as Nezami Ganjavi was born 535 AH in Ganjeh and died 607-612 AH, Iranian poet and storyteller, his Tomb located on the western border of the city of Ganja.

He was Expert in literary sciences, astronomy, Islamic science, Jurisprudence and Arabic language. His poetry has been translated in many different language. We don’t have enough information about his biography; however, his father was peasant, but he owned several farms and orchards.

According to one of his lyrics, khosrow and Shirin; the first wife was bondswoman, when Nezami finished his book (khosrow and Shirin) his son died when he was 7 years old. He lost his 2nd wife when he was writing another chapter of his book which was named Lili & Majnoon and lost his third wife in short time.

He spent all his life in Ganje which is currently in Azerbaijan. His famous works are: khamseh (translated into 5 treasures), khosrow and shirin, lili and majnon, seven bodies, eskandar-nameh (scriptwriting). He was the founder of difference scprit which is called shakinama (saghinama) that after him other poets such az Hafez followed his poetry.

Among all his masterpiece lyrics, Lili and majnon, has been translated into other languages such as German, French, English, Russian, Armenian, etc.

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