Niavaran complex of Tehran, tehran city tour

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Niavaran complex is one of the most beautiful historical and cultural attractions of Tehran that is located in a huge garden which dates back to Qajar & Pahlavi periods. Much earlier in 19th centuries Qajari kings had chosen this spot in order to have a pleasant weather in summer time by Fath Ali Shah as he was the 2nd kings of this period.

This spot has been called Gordeh beh where it was located in vicinity of cane break that is called Neyzar in Farsi and after a while it was named Niavaran. In late 19th century Naser Al Din shah built his own palace that is named Saheb Qaraniyeh which is nowadays one of the most popular ones in this complex and it was where he took his family to live in summer

Later on Ahmed Shah built the last pavilion of this complex which is called Kooshk. In 2nd Pahlavi Era by order of MohamadReza Pahlavi, most of the small buildings got destroyed in order to have modern building as he was planning to move in this area with his family however he tried to preserve the main buildings of this complex such as Main palace, Saheb Qaraniyeh, Pond house, Koosk as well as library with its inscriptions.

What makes visiting this garden very special is architecture of main palace which is the combination of Iranian-European design in order to keep the privacy of palaces. Although today this main palace has turned into a museum of Pahalavi objects still its architecture brings the attention of audience.

As travel consultants we would highly recommend to stay in Tehran for few days and take a morning tour of this complex in order to have sufficient time to get acquainted with all details of palaces.

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