On Arrival Visa for Indians

visa for indians

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Indians can travel to Iran a lot easier than past by having authorization code from either self-applying through E-visa website or any approved travel agency. Relatively recently Iranian government has started granting visa upon arrival for Indian passport holders especially those who are going to take tourist visa in order to make their trip a lot easier as these people are quite interested in traveling to Iran and knowing Iranian history in order to visit historical sites in every single corner.

It is well noted that this upon arrival visa is a bit different than typical VOA due to having authorization code is required. All Indian passport holders must apply either through E-visa website or through a local travel agency for prior their trip to Iran and they can obtain their visas in either Iranian International airports such as Imam Khomeini airport, Shiraz airport, Tabriz airport, Esfahan airport as well as Mashhhad airport.

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