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Traveling to Iranian Kurdistan province not only enables you to visit beautiful historical sites but also allows you to visit untouched destinations that very rare travel agents venture to.

Palangan is one of the most beautiful villages of Iran located in the heart of Kurdistan province, place where it is called Howraman county. It’s very well known for its stepped architecture that is located on two sides of the river.

Despite its extraordinary landscape, not too many domestic tourists travel to this location which helps a lot to make this as a real adventure. Palangan is very well known for its unique architecture that is located in heart of a gorge. This structure has been used to protect themselves from any invasion.

The village itself is splitted into two sides by a river that flows in the middle of the village. Although many Iranian Kurds consider this village as a picnicking spot in weekend, locals enjoy doing their daily activities such fishing, shepherding, etc.

What makes visiting this village especial is, its locals that are very hospitable & friendly. As soon as you stand at any spot in this village several people come toward for greeting and they would invite you for having a meal together.

Palangan is the home of adventurous, those who are willing to join any trekking tours would like this village so much as its located in the heart of howraman county. However, they don’t speak English or even hardly Farsi but they are still struggling to make a memorable trip for their visitors.

One of the most beautiful events in this village is, celebrating new year eve about 2 weeks earlier than other part of the country as they strongly believe in astronomy and would say, springs comes up about early March.

As travel consultants we would highly recommend visiting this village in a day trip from either Kermanshah or Sanandaj and enjoy walking randomly in its alleys. Or even you can be offered to stay overnight in local houses and experience Iranian lifestyle with a local family as there is no official hotel.

Palangan village of Kurdistan
drone view of the village
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