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Welcome to the land of civilizations, there is no doubt that Pasargadae is one of the most impressive ancient sites of Shiraz that dates back to 550 BCE.

It’s been founded by Cyrus the great as his seat of government as well as place where he lived with his family. However, he lied down in this area in his tomb, but all his activities provide us how the whole world was under his control.

He has different title from different nations. For example, Jews called him Preventer, Persians called him Father, Europeans called him “The Great”, etc. Unfortunately, it has been badly damaged over the history by different invaders from all over the world as locals have forgotten it where it belongs. In 20th century several archaeologists across the globe came to explore the land of Cyrus the great and found most of this treasure and history.

They even changed the name of the place back to Pasargadae and registered it as a world heritage site in 1979. Currently everyone knows Pasargadae because of having tomb of Cyrus the Great and his palaces, as they have been located in the region that was called Dasht-e Morghab. Aside from his tomb, which is located at the beginning of this complex, there are more places to visit such as Private palace, Audience hall, Old entrance gate, Tomb of his son and watching tower.

It’s well noted that he founded the old structure of Persian Garden in Pasargadae among his palaces and properties. Although there is nothing that much left from this ancient structure, still there are some evidence to prove it and copy this pattern for other cities.

For example, Shiraz is locally known as city of gardening and poetry and many shirazi citizens design their properties with 4 quarters garden, which is the common copy of ancient Persian garden. However, many of the public garden are dedicated by merchants of shiraz to locals, but new generation didn’t follow this structure anymore.


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