Q Lake

Q lake of Loristan

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There is no doubt that anyone travels to Khoram-abad and won’t see Q lake as it’s one of the natural sites of Loristan province. It’s been in the center of attentions for several years basically from 1970s and its been turned into a park too over the past decades.

It’s always interesting to discuss about tourist attractions and mostly Natural spots such as waterfalls, lakes, forest, etc. Q Lake is one of those natural sites that is located inside the city and differ with others that they are mostly in suburb. Water supply is natural springs that are at the place and even water of Makhmalkuh.

In regards with measure of the lake we would like to inform everyone that is about 3 to 5 m depth and it is approximately 7 Hectares. It’s been always the home of the unique birds that are particularly from this region such as storks. In this case, this lake would be an ideal spot for those birds watchers who are interested in visiting Iran with some comfort.

another point we can make is about its name and how it’s been picked up for such a place. In Lorish dialect, Q has been translated into blue which refers to the color of the water.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this lake in your leisure time while you are in Loristan province in order to get acquainted with local people who are picnicking in this location.

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Q lake of Loristan
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