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Qajar BathHouse

Qajar Bath-house of Qazvin

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Qajar bathhouse (locally called Hammam-e Qajari) is one of the historical sites of Qazvin that has been built in 17th century that is turned to be an anthropology museum.

This bathhouse has been built in Safavid dynasty during the kingdom of Shah Abbas I who was the ruler of Qazvin back then. The same as other bathhouses, there are three different rooms/halls for audience as there was no other entertainment in that time, people might had come to shower once in a week or while.

In another way, because Hamam is very a large spot, warming up may cost them a lot or take a long time. All the structures, slpitted into three major sections, dressing room (where they took their clothes off and put them with their shoes in the wholes around the sitting area. This hall was well decorated usually with Persian stories, and the story teller struggled explaining them in mythical ways.

Another room is Bine (translated into washing room), and the last section is Khazineh (that has been some ponds and people may used instead of shower). As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this site in your 2nd day of Qazvin.

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