Qashqaei Nomads

Qashqaei Nomads of Shiraz

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People would always like to experience unique activities on tour to any particular destination. One of the unique activities in west of Shiraz is visiting nomads that are called Qashqaei tribe. They all settle in west of Shiraz for the first 6 months of the year nearby a village that is called Tang-e-gambil.

It will be a wonderful experience to visit them in either day trip to overnight stay and get acquainted with such a culture. They like interacting with any guest from all over the world and exchange their opinions and comments. We would highly suggest taking a day trip to west of  while you have a free time in Shiraz and look for any recommendation. Another reason for going to this region is, here is the home of adventurous especially those who are looking for a trekking tour in west of Shiraz for a day, This place is highly recommended. Our Aussie travelers viviene & Trisha enjoyed visiting this spot with their guide @mehdigarzaneh

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