Qorban Tower

Qorban Tower of Hamedan

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Traveling to Hamedan has several advantages as it has been the capital of many dynasties such as Medians & Persian Empire, Seljuk, parthians, etc. This causes having several unique architectures in different corners of the city such as Qorban Tower.

Qorban tower is one of the most important sites of Hamedan as it has been the cemetery of several Seljuk kings. Later on, it has persevered its sacred as it is a huge complex of Monastery, school, Mosque, library, etc. In fact, there is not a certain documentary about the history of the building before but what is registered over the last centuries is, It was used during invasion of Afghans to Iran by a person who was named Qorban.

As it is mentioned, during renovation in 20th century, a local cemetery was excavated that archaeologists are of the opinion that here belongs to Seljuk monarchs. Unfortunately, this monument has changed several times but there is only one tablet inside that represent this tower has been used in 17th century by Qorban.

The earliest building has been a 12-side building and consists cellar, main hall and dome. The shape and material of this tower represents Seljuk architecture as they have only used baked bricks for external decoration. However, the same as other monuments from the same dynasty, its been decorated by stucco.

As travel consultants we would highly, recommend visiting this monument in the morning while you are about to visit tomb of Avicenna.

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