Rageh Canyon

Ragen Canyon of Kerman, trekking at rageh canyon

Let’s travel to heart of the desert.

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There is no doubt that one of most beautiful and untouched spots in Kerman Province is Rageh canyon that has been made by wind, water and other natural agents in several ages.

Rageh canyon is one of the most magnificent canyons of Iran that is about 28 km away from Rafsanjan city. It has been mostly made by wind & rain water, Gioderi River that lies down in this canyon as well as other natural agents. People of the opinion that this canyon is in the list of top three Iran’s Canyon and can be considered the same as Kaluts that are in heart of Lut desert in terms of beauty and being extremely untouched.

It is just an hour away from Kerman and relatively recently it has been well promoted by locals and several tourists has taken this day trip to enjoy the beauty of this canyon which looks like a piece of heaven in heart of desert. The depth of this canyon is about 30m and with the approximate length of 20 km, however, local are of opinion that it is longer than this and reaches Ali Abad ragen in Sirjan County.

There are several routes to reach this fabulous spot, however, most of adventurous travelers would prefer to take left flank to go down through valley. By walking through this valley, everyone will be exposed to well carving walls by natural agents and many people compare them to carvings and relieves of ancient civilizations.

People mostly prefer to go down from the beginning of this valley and walk across its river toward the end of this route and definitely will be exposed to unique beauties as well as its greenery which make everyone very fascinated. There are other type of tourists who are very much interested in running astronomy tours and are of the opinion that this is a great spot run such a tour.

It is well noted that wild life of this region is pretty unique by having several type of birds such as eagles, Pheasants as well as partridges. There are several wholes along this canyon places where eagles settles.

The best time to visit this canyon is spring and early autumn because of having pleasant weather which makes this journey quite comfortable and relaxing.

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