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Rayen Waterfall

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Traveling to Kerman has several advantages such as visiting historical sites, beautiful architectures as well as extraordinary landscapes and one of these beautiful sites is Rayen waterfall.

Kerman has always been in center of attentions in different periods Iran’s history, especially in 17th century that it has been chosen as one of the cities on silk route by order to Shah Abbas I. In another way Iran the whole country has been announced as a home of cultural tours, however, many people are of the opinion that it needs more promotion for actives tours to bring several visitors especially those who are willing to visit nature, join to a trekking tours and landscaping.

Kerman is one of those provinces of Iran that has a lot to present in terms of cultural tours and active tours in every single corner and one the most impressive sites is Rayen waterfall that is about 110 km away from Kerman in south of the city and everyone can reach  by private transport with ease.

As this is located about 13 km at foot of Hezar mountain, it’s highly recommended visiting this natural fall to those who are willing to join trekking tours. It’s path is very convenient for all group ages and can be accessible with ease. Even those who are in short term vacation can visit this natural site in a day trip whether just a visit or for a trekking tour.

Rayen waterfall of Kerman
rayen waterfall

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