Sa'ad Ul Saltaneh caravansary

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Welcome to the largest covered caravansary of Iran. Sa’ad ul Saltaneh is a covered caravansary that has been located in Qazvin city center in vicinity of old bazaar which dates back to Qajari period back in 19th century.

Relatively recently it has been renovated by new artists based on old patterns especially on facades, alleys, arches as well as intersections which leads everyone toward an extraordinary courtyard.

This complex contains several shops in its market, bathhouses, mosque as well as tea-houses. It is well noted that this caravansary has been built by order of Qazvin ruler who was Mr. Sa’ad ul saltaneh in order to have a largest trading center in Iran by having 500 shops in different business categories.

It’s has been working non-stop even after world war I but unfortunately in late 20th century most of shops got abandoned and people were not that much interested in shopping from this market. However, it has this potential to provide amazing stuff in different categories.

One of the most impressive buildings in this complex is Chahar Souq which is translated into Intersection. This spot is a domed hall that has been decorated by tiles on ceiling and even glass works as well as having Yazdi Bandi which is a unique design for ceiling.

Most of the shops nowadays are well renovated and their functions are a bit changed to cafes and restaurants or even handicraft shops in order to attract more domestic & foreign tourists.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend taking a guided tours of Qazvin in order to get acquainted with ancient culture of this town as well as its architecture, history, stunning landscape, etc.

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