Saint Stepanos Monastery

Saint Stepanos monastery

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Let’s get acquainted with Saint Stepanos Monastery (locally called Maghardavank) That is one of the Iranian world heritage sites that belongs to Armenian heritage.  It’s approximately 30km away from city of Jolfa along the Arax river.

Saint Stepanos monastery
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This monastery has been originally built in 9th century CE, however, there are some evidence that proves it has been built in 67 CE. It was renovated several times in history and was rebuilt during the Safavid era, after being damaged through wars and earthquake.

The Saint Stepanos Monastery as one of the apostle first founded a church at this location in around 62 CE. It’s well noted that all land of Persia was ruled by parthian empire. It was a place where many people could register for practicing religion. 

Despite this monument was in the center of attention and expanded several times, it was damaged too in the war between seljuk and Byzantine rulers.  Nowadays, this monastery has become a hub for visitors and yearly several tourists visit this location around the year. 

As travel consultants,we would highly recommend staying in Tabriz for few days and visit this location in an excursion. 

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