Salasel Castle

Salasel castle of Shushtar

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Salasel castel is one of the most beautiful historical sites of Shushtar that has been located in northwestern face of the city. Citizens of this city are of the opinion that Salasel castles has been founded in Persian Empire based on tablets that are found over the last decades.

Salasel castle is one of the largest territories among all Iranian castles because of having several large court yards. In fact, this castle consists, dormitories for soldiers, Hammams, stables, gardens, Harims, kitchen, etc. in terms of usage of this castle many stories have been mentioned but one of the most famous ones is, despite being a living castle of rulers, it has been used as a place where diving water was done toward farms and gardens.

Another point we can make is, it’s been used with different function in history, such as being used a living castle, Prison, defending castle, etc. In Al Mozafar dynasty, Afshar dynasty and Qajar several rulers had been living here for a while and renovated part of this seashore castle.

Unfortunately, its been damaged a lot in the past 100 years and it had got abandoned and several parts of this castle are gone except underneath rooms, canals, some more room on ground floor.

This castle has already two huge gates, one was in southeast face that was mostly used by royal family and the other one was in southern face that is used for ordinary people. This southern gate was over the Darion River and people had difficult access to this castle. Even southeastern gate was over a moat too.

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this castle in a city tour while you stay in Shushtar, however, nothing too much left from ancient castle but still worth visiting ancient system of dividing water.

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