About us

who we are:
Persia Traveling Center is a locally owned, independent overland tour company that was founded by Mehdi Gharib in 2017. Our tour company is privately held and our philosophy is quite simple: to run a truly unique and exciting overland trip that focuses purely on 4 different regions throughout Iran. We focus on all corners of Iran and love getting into the cities, villages and regions that no other overland operators go.

History of us:
We are a local Iranian tour operator that is very pleased to organize different types of tours: both active& cultural for long or short vacations. We would love to help you to experience our culture and traditions, history, architecture, food, drink, lifestyle as well as our Persian hospitality. After a hugely successful first season, we were on of the best and most highly recommended overland tour company for central Iran. We expanded to add more tour guides in 2015 and made a great history for Persia Traveling Center. We then expanded our tours to other routes.

We are now a team of travel agents that started working in 2004 and we are able to organize and run tours for people interested in visiting Persia with unique tastes. We recommend places and things to do that would be of interest to our travelers. What makes us different among agents is our work experience guiding throughout Iran for the last five years for various tours. This is the reasons that we can offer unique and personalized tours for those who wish to travel to Persia.

Why we love over landing tours:
we are overlanders. We do this because we love being on the road, discovering new places, setting up camp amongst a beautiful backdrop, meeting fascinating people and the camaraderie that doing all this together with a group of like-minded people creates. We know about the nitty-gritty, nuts and bolts logistics of running overland trips; we are passionate about adventure and getting out there to those far-flung places that people rarely see to experience them as they really are.

We try to make sure that the communities we travel through benefit from our trips and that the local suppliers we use get a fair deal. We don’t profess to be saving the world, we are not a charity, but we are committed to sustainable tourism initiatives and help out when we can and where we hope it will make a positive difference. We believe in letting you decide what you want to do also believe us when we say that over landing with us is a unique and exciting way to experience the beautiful landscapes, fascinating culture, music, art and crazy chaos of Iran.

Our Privacy Policy:
Protecting customer’s privacy and data are very important for Persia Traveling Center tour agency;
1- We are not allowed to share any data of our customers with anybody else unless we have the approval of our customers.
2- The collected data of our customers such as email address, home address, phone number, as well as other personal data will be used for submitting visa authorization code.
3- We use only emails & WhatsApp number of our clients in order to inform them for new products, sending b-day messages as well as informing them about new events across the globe.  

Where we are located:
Our headquarter is:
Goldasht Maali Abad, Ladan ave, Goldasht Shopping mall  ground floor, Persia Traveling Center, Shiraz, Iran.
Phone: +98(0)7132301654, Fax: +98(0)2143858368 Mobile: +98(0)9215657727.

We are looking forward to meeting you up here.

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