Sanandaj Musuem

Sanandaj Museum of Kurdistan

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Let’s get a ponder in Salar Saeed Mansion (locally called Sanandaj Museum) that is very well known for its sashes. It’s been built in 18th century by order of Molla Sheikh ul-Eslam as he was one of the priests and merchants of Sanandaj.

This mansion is highly recommended to those who are looking for having a city tour and interested in knowing about history despite learning local architecture. It’s well noted that this mansion was splitted in two mansions after Sheikh Passed away. One was named Habibi and the other one was named Salar Saeed.

The Salar Saeed mansion enables everyone visiting unique objects from pre-historic and historic ages despite having several Wessels and potteries. It’s been gifted to cultural heritage center of Sanandaj in 1970s and 2nd one also was gifted in 1980s to this party too.

In 19th century during Qajar dynasty, this mansion was well renovated, however, some Iranian-European architecture elements are used by artists in order to make the building more luxury. Some of these changes are displayed in the paintings. Another change was done in the basement of this mansion as culturally locals prefers having tea around a pond.

At last in 1980s these two mansions turned to be museums of anthropology and pre-historic that display several objects from different corners of Iran until Qajar era, particularly from Kurdistan province. In the main room of this mansion that is well known for its sashes, many objects from pre-historic are displayed that are excavated from Ziviyeh hills (including potteries, gold items in different colors).

As travel consultants, we would highly recommend visiting this museum in the morning aside from visiting other mansions and bazaar in order to get acquainted with local culture and history of this region.

Sanandaj Museum of Kurdistan
Entrance Gate

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