Sirvan river sanandaj

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Sanandaj is the capital of Kurdistan province that it located in western side of Iran as the 23rd largest cities of Iran according to last census in late Nov 2016. Name of this city has been picked up from ancient Kurdish language however, the original name was “Sanne”.  

The population of Kurdistan province is about 1.6 million who are mostly Kurds and live in urban areas however there are places and villages where they have a lot of inhabitants who live nearby border of Iraqi Kurdistan.

What makes exploring this city interesting is, there are different communities of people and religions in Sanandaj such as an small community of Armenians who migrated in 1960s or even this city had an small community of Aramaic speaking Jewish community until Iranian revolution in 1979.

The most popular business for Kurds is producing Persian rugs and carpets that are extremely premium quality and we can categorize them as a nomadic rug, refined sugar and milled rice. There are different accents and dialects in this province but one of the most popular one that is spoken in Sanandaj is Ardalani dialect which sounds similar to current Persian that is spoken in Iran.

Today what makes traveling to Sanandaj or even other cities interesting is being exposed to stunning landscapes and marvelous waterfalls and lakes in this area. People are of the opinion that this region is a piece of heaven on earth in terms of meeting extremely hospitable people, food variation, historical sites and local music that are very attractive for everyone to visit.

We also recommend staying a bit longer in this area to explore the villages that are in vicinity of border such as Palangan and Uramanat that are very well known for their hospitality, village architecture, foods and even landscape of them. There is a possibility of reaching them in day trips.

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