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Saraab-e Niloufar

Saraab-e Niloufar of Kermanshah

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Saraab-e Niloufar is one of the most beautiful mirages of Kermanshah that is located along Kamyaran road. It’s well known for having several waterlily flowers that roots of are in this mirage and grown perfectly.

Traveling to Kermanshah has several advantages and one of the most beautiful activities to do is, visiting Niloufar Mirage that is locally called (Sarab-e Niloufar). Niloufar is one of the sacred flowers in Iranian culture and history from thousands of years ago that represents peace and calmness.
Traditionally in ancient days of Persia, people used this flower while they were going to greet guests or even meeting kings and his family. The depth of this mirage may vary from few meters to 32 that makes some stories.

Locals strongly believe this Khosrow Parviz, the Sassanian monarch, had hidden his jewels and treasure in this mirage, however, others believe he might have had a palace here instead. In regards with the source of water, many people are of the opinion that, there are several water springs aside this mirage that provide water. This enables everyone visiting roots of the flowers in water too.

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